Competitions, Events, Seminars

The Maryland State 4-H and the Anne Arundel County 4-H both have active programs making a lot of opportunities available to our members. The Horse Bowl, Horse Judging, Hippology, and Communications competitions give the top 10 seniors in the state the opportunity to compete to be on teams that compete at Nationals. We have had many Hi-Riders that have gone to Nationals to represent our state. It's a wonderful opportunity for the kids to be able to go on these trips. Lifelong memories and great friends are made on these teams. It's a great learning experience even for the candidates that don't make the team.

These competitions are a commitment at all levels. They take a lot of time, effort, and energy. We start with picking teams from our club, there are junior, intermediate, and senior teams. If you are chosen to compete at the state competition, you will need to attend weekly practices and practice on your own time too. Everyone is invited to these practices, you will always learn something. Even after the teams are chosen, all members are invited to the practices. Each competition has different rules, we will explain all intricacies as the competitions grow nearer.

In addition to the competitions there are clinics, state fair, county fair, jamboree, variety show and many other activities that are fun, informative, and a great way to make friends in the club. The list below are some of the highlights of 4-H.

Maryland State Events

  • Horsebowl
  • Horse Judging
  • Hippology
  • Hippology or Judging Clinic
  • Maryland State Fair
  • Horse Jamboree and Communications Contest
  • Horsemanship Standards
  • State Competition Teams (Seniors Only)
  • 4-H Congress
  • Record Books
  • UME Training

You can get more information for all of these activities and more at the Maryland 4-H Horse Program website. Click on the Activities tab for information.

Anne Arundel County Events

  • Anne Arundel County Fair
  • Communications Contest
  • Horsemanship Standards
  • 4-H Camp
  • Teen Focus
  • Diamond Clover Awards
  • Record Books
  • Variety Show
  • Kinder Park Picnic

Information on county events can be found at the Anne Arundel County 4-H website. There are many other types of 4-H clubs that are not horse-related, you can get information on all of these at the county website. For more information, contact the county office: 100 Dairy Lane, Grambrills, MD 21054. Phone 410-222-3900.