Linthicum 4-H Hi-Riders Club

About Our Club

The Linthicum 4-H Hi-Riders strives to create a fun, safe, educational environment for children interested in horses to make friends, have fun, learn, and participate in equine-related activities. Members do not have to have a horse, or even ride to join the club. Some of our members own their own horse or horses—some lease, some take lessons, some just ride for pleasure, and some do not ride at all. Our club is here to foster the love of horses and educate our members about our equine friends. We are an all-volunteer organization and encourage parents to attend the meetings (not mandatory if child is over 8 and your child has been to more than 3 meetings) and become UME certified (see below).

4-H has 4 age groups. Your age for the whole year is how old you are on January 1st. (Example: you turn 10 on February 15, your 4-H age for the year is 9.)

  • Under 8 years old—Clover
  • 8-10 years old—Junior
  • 11-13 years old—Intermediate
  • 14-18 years old—Senior

Clovers are welcome and encouraged to participate in all club-level activities. Anne Arundel County and Maryland State 4-H have restrictions that you must be 8 years (4-H age) to compete or participate in any county or state activities or contests. The one exception is the variety show, we love having Clovers in our skit or dance!


We try to keep things well-rounded in our club. We compete in county and state 4-H competitions for horse judging, horse bowl (a Jeopardy-like horse knowledge competition), hippology (the study of all things horse), public speaking, demonstrations, Maryland State Fair, Anne Arundel County Fair and more. But we also try to make things fun and plan things like bowling, tubing, roller skating, pool parties, and our banquet. We take horse-related field trips to places like equine hospitals, race tracks, and training facilities. Activities change from year to year and we are always open to suggestions and ideas. For more information on the state and county programs see the State & County 4-H page.

Horse Shows

Our club has five horse shows each year held at Andover Equestrian Center in Linthicum. Because these shows are our fundraisers we expect all of our club members to help with the shows. We do everything—food booth, entry booth, hire judges, buy ribbons, run the show, set-up an tear-down jumps and prepare the ring and show grounds for the show, and a whole lot more. These shows take a lot of planning and volunteers. We rely on our members to participate to make each show a success. We set up jumps on Saturday, the day before the show and need help running the show and tearing down and cleaning up the grounds the day of the show. For more information on the shows see the Horse Shows page.

Record Books

A record book is a complete record of your 4-H project and your personal accomplishments for the calendar year. For most of our members their project for their record book is the horse they ride. You can do a project record book on just about anything that interests you, it does not have to be on a horse—see a leader if you'd like some help choosing an alternative project. You can also add additional projects to your record book if you choose.

For a horse project, You keep track of everything you do with your horse during the year. Shows, clinics, lessons, ribbons wons, tack purchased, feed, hay, farrier visits, dentist visits, EVERYTHING that pertains to your horse, including photos. It's also about your accomplishments in school, church, sports, plus any other clubs or activities you participate in. All age record books are judged, and the members with the top senior record books are called in for interviews and can qualify for out-of-state 4-H sponsored trips. Starting early building your record book is the best way to have a great one by the time you're a senior!

We will help you with paperwork necessary, what is required in your record book, the format that it needs to be submitted in, content, and suggestions to help make it award-winning.


We meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the each month. During the summer months of June, July, and August we only have one meeting per month. Regular meetings are held at St. Johns Church in Linthicum, MD at 7 pm in the Friendship Room. 300 West Maple Road, Linthicum, Maryland, you can get directions below or on the church website The meeting is in the room at the far left of the back of the church. (see photo)

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Before joining our club we would like you to attend 3 meetings so you can get a feel for what our club is all about. When you attend your first meeting let us know you are new when you come in, we'll do our best to make you and your child feel comfortable. We like the kids to sit at one end of the room, and the parents at the other. If you're new to the club and your child feels more comfortable sitting with you that's fine.

Our meetings start out with a business meeting: Pledge of Allegiance, 4-H Pledge, introduction of members, Secretary's report, Treasurer's report, old business, new business, upcoming events, and then some kind of horse-related activity. The meetings are usually over around 9pm.

We communicate club information via email. If you would like to be placed on the list please email 4hhiriders @ and ask to be added. If at any time you'd like to be removed just send another email asking to be removed. After 3 meetings if you decide you'd like to join, we will give you paperwork to fill out, and collect your dues.

UME Certification

In order to volunteer to drive any 4-H members, sleep over at State Fair, coach teams, or volunteer to work with our youth, you must be UME certified. This is a one-time webinar approximately 2 hours. It is given several times a year. You can sign up for the webinar here. There is paperwork that will need to be filled out, you can download them here.

You will only need to do the seminar one time and you will receive a card each year that will get you into the Maryland State Fair and the most of the county fairs for free.

Parents Meeting and Dues

We hold a meeting in February (usually the first Wednesday of the month) that gives you as much information as possible for the events we have planned for the year. We encourage you to bring your child, they will hear a lot about plans for the club for the year. This is the meeting we give out all paperwork for membership. You can join any time of the year, but to be considered a member for the full year and receive a membership plaque at our annual banquet in January, you must have joined and paid dues by March 31st. Our dues are currently $40 per year, this includes 4-H insurance that covers your child while at 4-H events. We will pro-rate your dues if you join after that March 31st and your child will be considered a new member until the following year.